Inspired by Edie Sedgwick #inktober #60s

Experimenting with different types of line.
This was for an assignment for Bill Perkins’ composition class with LAAFA online. It’s only the 4th week and I already want to take this class over and over and over again. Where has it been my whole life?

From last Sunday afternoon. So much stuff at this spot had to touch up at home. Found out from the locals the second floor use to be Howard Hughes office!

mixed-media monkey experiment

Here is the finished version of the viking I started to paint yesterday.
I really think I learned a lot while working on this one. If anyone is interested I could show a couple of process shots. :)
After I got some feedback from my fellow students I decided to change a couple of things. I removed the yellow circle behind his head because I felt like it destroyed the colour harmony and I do the circle thing way too often, anyways. Moreover the red shirt created a huge dark red area and i wanted to make it a little less heavy by adding a bit of white cloth unterneath. I gave the chesthair more volume and refined the rock and the grass on top of it. Also, I added some fog on the bottom because I felt like the cast shadow’s value was to close to the surrounding grey background.In my opinion it looks way better now.


The white crow - 1h or so .

Did some optimisation on this little one. :)