mixed-media monkey experiment

Here is the finished version of the viking I started to paint yesterday.
I really think I learned a lot while working on this one. If anyone is interested I could show a couple of process shots. :)
After I got some feedback from my fellow students I decided to change a couple of things. I removed the yellow circle behind his head because I felt like it destroyed the colour harmony and I do the circle thing way too often, anyways. Moreover the red shirt created a huge dark red area and i wanted to make it a little less heavy by adding a bit of white cloth unterneath. I gave the chesthair more volume and refined the rock and the grass on top of it. Also, I added some fog on the bottom because I felt like the cast shadow’s value was to close to the surrounding grey background.In my opinion it looks way better now.


The white crow - 1h or so .

Did some optimisation on this little one. :)

It’s awful dark down here 

Today is a sad day ):
a small tribute to a big part of my childhood… and to be honest my adult life aswell hah
Farewell Ghibli! (FOR NOW…)

Felt like animating this evening, ended up animating Tails since I was listening to Sonic the Hedgehog tunes. B)